Hello TG Members!

TG Taekwondo online membership service starts today and open to register.

Registered TG members will be updated their online belt level according to their offline belt level to access curriculum.
Members on break temporarily will get the invitation link to join at front desk when come back or can be requested [here].


ALL BELTS: what you lean in class and more.
MAKEUP CLASS: request makeup class online.
NOTES & DISCUSSION: ask questions for every lines in curriculum and get answers from instructors.
MOTION IN CLASS: video/photo analysis for better performance.
CONTACT: contact front desk online.

PERSONAL MENU ↗ (right top)
DASHBOARD: course progress.
INBOX: private message from instructors for today’s class.
NOTIFICATIONS: school notice and site activity.
MY ORDER: apply belt promotion test and purchase equipment





[Version 1.0] 07/17/2019

  • Online curriculum to help understanding offline class.
  • Individual feedback from instructors for today’s class.
  • Questions and answers for curriculum.
  • Video performance analysis and photos in class.
  • Belt promotion test application.
  • Makeup request (Individual Class Attendance record) Online.
  • Newsletter subscription – events, announcements and monthly payment reminder.
  • Student’s Birthday gift.

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