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Qualified and Quality Taekwondo Instruction

TG Taekwondo has been successfully operating since 2003 in El Cerrito, California, and later opened a second branch in Sunnyvale in 2010, which has further enhanced its reach. The institution is proudly led by proficient alumni from South Korea’s KyungHee University’s Taekwondo Department, who hold the distinguished title of International Taekwondo Instructor and have received authorization from Kukkiwon. The staff is composed of specialists in their respective domains, who possess extensive knowledge to ensure the utmost quality of instruction. With a team of such professionals, TG Taekwondo is well-equipped to provide unparalleled services to its students and the community.


30 minutes
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  • Fun & Exciting Martial Arts Activities
  • Amazing Experience like no other
  • Confidence & Discipline