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  1. Hello Alex, 

    How have you been? Hope your parents and sister are also well as you.
    I’ve been waiting your update and you made it prominently better than before.
    I can see you’re controlling your kicking to the end of your foot and knee snapping as well.
    As the say ‘slow and steady winds the race’, your patience and positive mind will bring you whatever you want.

    I moved your video for promotion test and you passed for poomsae(Taebaek).
    You can check here: https://tgtaekwondo.com/my-videos
    Here’s your promotion test history as a 1st Dan Black Belt.

    106th 10/19/2018 1st Dan Black Belt – Koryo
    109th 1/18/2019 1st Dan Black Belt 8th – Keumgang
    110th 2/15/2019 1st Dan Black Belt 7th – Taebaek
    112nd 4/19/2019 1st Dan Black Belt 6th – Pyongwon
    118th 10/18/2019 1st Dan Black Belt 5th – Sipjin
    Online 10/2/2020 1st Dan Black Belt 4th – Jitae (Online Poomsae Course)

    Now you can apply for 4th gup Jitae poomsae but can practice ‘Pyongwon’ poomsae for the next gup.
    Since you have tested with special kicks before, your current poomsae is different from curriculum poomsae.

    Last but not least, please put stretching routine on your daily to-do-list staring just for 10 minutes.
    Good job Alex, take care and have a good weekend!

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