Now All Private Lessons’ Duration is 45 Minutes

Effective from 5/18/21, our private lessons’ duration is extended to 45 minutes.

45 minute private lesson-002

When it comes to physical activity duration, 30 minutes is never short. If it is one to one lesson, lesson takers receive full individual attention with hard workouts. Moreover, If they are young kids wearing a face mask, 30 min is long enough for a day’s practice. However, we felt the necessity to consider parents’ convenience too. We fully agreed with the idea that 30 min is too hard for parents to manage. Our instructors plan to follow the flows of our previous group lessons but will do their best to keep proper pace in lessons so that members do not get exhausted. No changes to price (4 lessons with 2 stamps each /month at $240), booking systems, and other terms and conditions.

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