Yellow Belt

This is like a seed that requires enrichment to grow. Initially we cannot see the beautiful image of the tree until growth. The student must enrich himself by working hard and sacrificing for his/her own growth. Yellow belt is the foundation of Martial Arts. A strong base is needed to build the strength, power, knowledge and wisdom that will be gained throughout the program.

Spirit of Taekwondo

Q: What are the Tenets of Taekwondo?


Courtesy : Treat other people as you want to be treated, sir!

Perseverance : Never give up, sir!

Integrity : Be honest, sir!

Self-Control : Think before you act, sir!

Indomitable Spirit : Try and Try again, sir!

*Need to tie your belt for yourself at the belt ceremony.


Taegeuk 1 il Jang 태극 1 장 [taegeug il jang] Heaven 

The Birth of Martial Artist into Taekwondo

Yellow Belt will learn #1~10 motions.

Yellow Belt
1 Walking Stance Low Block
2 Walking Stance Punch
3 Walking Stance Low Block
4 Walking Stance Punch
5 Long Stance Low Block
6 Long Stance Punch
7 Walking Stance Middle Block
8 Walking Stance Punch
9 Walking Stance Middle Block
10 Walking Stance Punch
Sr.Yellow Belt
11 Long Stance Low Block
12 Long Stance Punch
13 Walking Stance High Block
14 Front Kick → Walking Stance Punch
15 Walking Stance High Block
16 Front Kick → Walking Stance Punch
17 Left Long Stance Left Low Block
18 Long Stance Punch w/Kihap

Long Stance 앞굽이 [apgub-i]  Lower the knee to match your knee and tiptoes when look down in upright position. Front heel is 3 ½ feet away from rear heel with one fist wide apart.

Blocking part is four fingers’ width on the wrist.

When kicking, the front hands should be naturally above the chest with the hand remaining at the waist.

Both hands and feet should be synchronized.

Kick Combination

Yellow Belt Roundhouse Kick  돌려차기 [dollyeochagi] 
  • Knee and ankle up
  • 5 count roundhouse kick practice
    1. knee up
    2. ankle up with turning standing foot
    3. kick
    4. snap back(recoil)
    5. put down
  • Roundhouse knee snapping drill over the chair
Yellow Belt Roundhouse Kick  돌려차기 [dollyeochagi] 
  • Slide forward + Knee up
Yellow Belt Slide Back Roundhouse Kick  받아차기 [bad-achagi] 
  • Slide back + Knee up
  • Slide back with switching feet
Foot Works Kicks
1. Slide Forward (Shuffle-up) Roundhouse Kick
2. Slide Back (Shuffle-back)
3. Switch Feet
4. Step in (Walk-in)
5. Step Back (Walk-back)

All kicks should perform in kicking stance with Kihap.