White Belt

Black Belt is a white belt who never give up.
Represents purity and infancy in martial arts. The student is humble and pure in mind. He is like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be filled through the master’s teachings.

Spirit of Taekwondo

Q: What is the purpose of Kihap(yelling) in Taekwondo?

A: To develop spiritual strength with concentration, power and confidence, sir.

The Kihap comes from the “Dahn Jeun” which is the lower part of the stomach, the center of the belt.


Preliminary hand motions for Color Belt Poomsae

10 Basic Hand Motions
0. Ready Stance 준비 [junbi] Gather your spirit and power in a short time
1. Left Low Block
2. Right Low Block
3. Left Middle Block
4. Right Middle Block
5. Left High Block
6. Right High Block
7. Left Hand Knife Neck Strike
8. Right Hand Knife Neck Strike
9. Left Punch + Kihap
10. Left Punch + Kihap
Double Punch + “Tae – Kwon”
Triple Punch + “Tae – Kwon – Do” in Horse Riding Stance
Blocking part is four fingers’ width on the wrist.Horse Riding Stance is the stance where both feet are parallel, both legs slightly bent with the width of two-one foot between them. When looking down at the knees of both legs which are bent, they should be on the same line with the ends of feet. The trunk and both knees and shins should be upright. The trunk, knees and shins are in the upright position.

Kick Combination

White Belt  Axe Kick  내려차기 [naelyeochagi] 
  • Knee up with flat ankle maintaining kicking stance.
  • Start as Stretching kick / Swing kick, then Axe kick.
  • Swing up fast to make thigh reach to the chest.
  • Front and side split training.

*Parents need to hold a board for Axe Kick at the first promotion testing.

Foot Works Kicks
1. Slide Up (Shuffle-up) Front Kick + Axe Kick
2. Slide Back (Shuffle-back)
3. Switch Feet
4. Step in (Walk-in)
5. Step Back (Walk-back)

All kicks should perform in kicking stance with Kihap.